Past Projects

Project ID: FCSR26

Freshwater Fish Inventory and Distribution (Daly, M.)

Project ID: FCSR25

Aquatic Mollusk Inventory and Distribution (Watters, G.T.)

Project ID: WASR38


Forest Focus Area Songbird Monitoring Survey (Matthews, S. and Reynolds, M.)

Project ID: WASR 42

Response of Salamanders to Forest Management Practices in Ohio’s Southeastern Oak-Hickory Forest.

Project ID: WASR 41

Understand the potential for and barriers to recruitment of subadult and non-breeding greater sandhill cranes (Grus canadensis tabida) into Ohio’s breeding population.

Project ID: WASR40

Seasonal, temperature, and wetland correlates to Batrachochotrium dendrobatidis distribution in ranid frogs in central Ohio (Hetherington,T.  2012)

Project ID: FCSR22

Dam removal strategies to benefit species of greatest conservation need (Sullivan, M.  2012)

Project ID: WASR16

Support for expanded survey coverage and data processing for Ohio breeding bird atlas II (Rodewald, P.  2011)

Project ID:  WASR39

Local- and landscape-scale forest habitat attributes and abundance of stopover migrant land birds: addressing short term information needs to lower risk of wind turbines to migratory birds. (Rodewald, P. 2013)

Project ID:  WASR34

Towards a mechanistic understanding of landscape-scale responses of animal communities to urbanization. (Rodewald, A. 2013)

Project ID:  WASR35

Conserving birds in urbanizing landscapes. (Rodewald, A. 2013)

Project ID:  WASR37

GIS-enabled modeling of habitat suitability for state-listed eastern massasauga rattlesnakes in Ohio. (Hetherington, T. 2013)