Title: Forest Focus Area Songbird Monitoring Survey

blackburnian warbler

Project ID: WASR38

Principal Investigators: Steve Matthews, Ph.D. and Mike Reynolds

Project Overview:  Managing large forest landscapes using the Division of Wildlife’s Focus Area approach will be essential to provide for the varied habitat requirements of all forest-dependent wildlife in Ohio.  In the last strategic plan, two forest focus areas were identified both of sufficient size (>25,000 ha) to maintain viable populations of all native forest-dependent wildlife species, except black bears.  A complete list of the species expected to benefit within focus areas is listed in the appendix. Implementation of a long-term monitoring program will play a critical role in measuring the success of the focus area approach to conserve forest wildlife populations.

We propose to design and implement annual surveys to monitor the response of forest songbirds, and eventually other wildlife taxa, to various forest management activities and research projects within Forest Focus Areas.  Annual population monitoring data will be used to inform landscape-scale habitat management recommendations to maintain viable populations of all native forest wildlife species expected to benefit from the forest focus area approach.  Long-term data will also provide valuable data to detect and model climate change impacts on forest wildlife populations.